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Subject: Request Area
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clublk 20.08.08 - 12:56pm
Do u need ur os 6.7.8 phone to rock ya mind. This is the place 4 ya request applications or games n will fill them as i go through them *

nttkd 26.08.08 - 12:00pm
Hey man. Nice group. Any way i can get a registered full version of vbagx 1.25 or 1.20? *

clublk 27.08.08 - 05:08am
@nettky buddy check the links now vbagx 1.20 added. Sorry no 1.25 ver for v2. 1st install 1.1 ver and use the keygen 2 creat ur key activate vbagx 1.10 now update it wit 1.20. All files r included in the link enjoy *

nttkd 27.08.08 - 11:48am
Thanx man. I dnt have a pc for the keygen but i guess i can find a cracked version of v1.1 right? Thanx again man. *

clublk 28.08.08 - 02:25am
Buddy post up ime i'll give the code for v1.1 *

nttkd 31.08.08 - 12:51pm
355521015900174 *

clublk 6.09.08 - 08:19am
sorry bout ma delay activate v1.10 from this code 802004593137637000000000000000 and update it with v1.20 enjoy *

gayanibf 18.09.08 - 12:48pm
Can u please upload gtuner for n70? 1 which uve uploaded aint compatible. And tbuilder for n70 *

gayanibf 19.09.08 - 02:36pm
Sorry about that i dont need tbuilder anymore. Please upload a n70 compatible version of Gtuner. Thank u *

gayanibf 21.09.08 - 11:08am
Man whats with this ppl create groups and dont update em for weeks. I downloaded a few softwares. Thanks 4 that. Bye tc. *

max81 22.05.09 - 10:04am
hi nice group now please provide nuance talks 4.0 3.2 cracked or keyjen.its a app4blind people.i also want minute beep 4 nokia s60v3 phones. *

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